According to Decision of Beijing Municipal Government on Further Promoting the Work for the Relatively Centralized Power of Administrative Penalties on Municipality Management(Order No. 24 Promulgated by Beijing Municipal Government in 2002) and Circular of Office of Municipal Government on Printing and Distributing the Regulations on Function Disposition, Inner Divisions and Personnel of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Comprehensive Administration(Order No. 59 Promulgated by Beijing Municipal Government in 2002), the former Beijing Municipal Supervision Office is changed to be Beijing Municipal Law En-forcing Bureau of Comprehensive Administration, governed by Beijing Municipal Administration Commission, perform its official functions and promote its work in its own name.        
  Main Functions:
  1. Carry out national and municipal laws and regulations about urban administration, control and maintenance urban administration order.
  2. Organize and draft the municipal laws and regulations about municipal law en-forcing of comprehensive administration, research and raise the suggestions and measures about perfecting the system of municipal comprehensive administration law en-forcing.
  3. With responsibility for direction, plan and coordination, and organization and arrangement of municipal comprehensive administration law en-forcing.
  4. with responsibility for supervision and examination of municipal comprehensive administration law en-forcing. 
  5. With responsibility for the professional administration law enforcements in Beijing's municipal installations, public utilities, water conservation and auto parking places; take charge of dealing with the trans-districts or assigned serious cases. 
  6. With responsibility for comprehensive administration law enforcement system's constructions of organization, style and force, and the work to build a honest and clean government.
  7. Undertake the other proceedings assigned by Beijing Municipal Government and Beijing Municipal Administration Commission.

  At present, Beijing municipal law en-forcing agencies of comprehensive administration carry out the relatively centralized power of administrative penalties in the following 13 fields: city appearance and environmental sanitation, city planning administration (penalty on illegal construction), industrial and commercial administration (penalty on operation without licenses), municipal administration, public utilities, water conservation, auto parking, city afforestation, environment protection, construction sites (including resettle sites), urban rivers and lakes, illegal taxi, and illegal traveling guides, etc.  

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